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Sam Adam Jr. on Patti allegations: "Kickbacks for work is a job, man!"

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki, Dave McKinney and Abdon Pallasch

A rare silence falls on the courtroom as Sam Adam Jr. hangs his head dramatically. He's just notched his eighth objection in 20 minutes.

The judge tells him not to refer to prosecutors directly.

"OK. Forget who wrote the indictment," Adam says, then starts onto his next question.

Prosecutors Reid Schar and Chris Niewoehner, not looking at each other, shake their heads in unison.

Adam turns to prosecutors' claims that Patti Blagojevich accepted kickbacks from Tony Rezko without doing any work. But she did do work, he argues.

"Kickbacks for work is a job, man!" he shouts, getting chuckles across the courtroom.

He stretches, pointing across the room at Patti Blagojevich, who's wearing a white blouse and is sitting in the front bench.

He seems to be toeing the line, hinting at the missing witness issue. He mentions testimony from Sean Conlon, a witness who sold property to Brian Hynes. According to testimony, Hynes asked Conlon to tack on an extra commission for Patti Blagojevich, although Conlon said Patti did no work for it.

Why was Conlon called to testify and not Hynes, Adam asked the jury -- but he worded it carefully, and Zagel never sat him down.

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Sam, Jr. looks like a young James Earl Jones.

Sam Adam, Jr. appears to be theatrical and maniacal, go down to the mat fighting for what he believes and not necessarily what the facts support. The kind of lawyer you prefer to represent you. On the other hand, those attributes can also work against you. Will this be enough to sway the jury? No. Rod is guilty -- maybe not of all the charges but certainly guilty of trying to shake down the racetrack guy, mouthing off about firing the Sun-Times editorial board and of trying to profit from appointing someone to the senate seat. I say 6 to 8 years. On another note, is Sam Adam, Jr. Black? Who is his mother? Is he adopted? He certainly favors Sam Adam Sr. who also looks like an actor whose name escapes me.

From Wikipedia (more credible than Blago's shills
A kickback is an official's share of misappropriated funds allocated from his or her organization to an organization involved in corrupt bidding. For example, suppose that a politician is in charge of choosing how to spend some public funds. He can give a contract to a company that is not the best bidder, or allocate more than they deserve. In this case, the company benefits, and in exchange for betraying the public, the official receives a kickback payment, which is a portion of the sum the company received. This sum itself may be all or a portion of the difference between the actual (inflated) payment to the company and the (lower) market-based price that would have been paid had the bidding been competitive. Kickbacks are not limited to government officials; any situation in which people are entrusted to spend funds that do not belong to them are susceptible to this kind of corruption. Kickbacks are also common in the pharmaceutical industry, as many doctors and physicians receive pay in return for added promotion and prescription of the drug these pharmaceutical companies are marketing. (See: Anti-competitive practices, Bid rigging.)

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