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Sam Adam Jr. concludes closing argument with plea to jurors: Ask yourself, "What would Sam say?"

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki, Dave McKinney and Abdon Pallasch

Winding down, Sam Adam Jr. tells the jury he may have forgotten to tell them a few things, but if they are are stuck in jury room, they should ask themselves one question. "Now, what would Sam say about this?"

The all-about-business juror hears this and lurches forward in his chair in seeming amazement. But Adam keeps a straight face, despite groan-like laughter from the gallery.

Finally, after an 80-minute roller coaster of screaming and pacing, Sam Adam Jr.'s much-anticipated closing ends on a hushed tone.

"Find this man not guilty," Adam tells the jury in a whisper. "This is serious stuff ... He never intended on extorting anybody."

"I can't tell you what this case is about any better than this," he says, and one last time dramatically gestures to his co-counsel.

"Elliott," he says, cuing the tape.

It's Bob Greenlee talking to Rod.

"I'm very concerned," Greenlee is heard saying. "I think it is very real ... People want to take you down for political reasons."

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