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Rod Blagojevich: Ultimately the decision is with the jury -- and in God's hands

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Holding his wife's hand, Rod Blagojevich addressed the media for about two minutes in the lobby of the Dirksen Federal Building a few minutes ago. Here's what he said:

"Both Patti and I want to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to the many people, the men and women and young people, who've come up to us during this time of trial and have expressed to us their good wishes and have told us how they've kept us in our prayers. I can't begin to tell you what how much means to both Patti and me ...

"Let me also say from a personal point of view, having been the governor, how deeply gratifying it's been to hear the different people who've come up to me during this trial to thank me.

"A young mother came up to me just yesterday, thanking me for the All Kids program and health care for her child.

"The number of senior citizens who've come to court and flashed their free senior bus ride cards -- that's very meaningful, and gives me perspective as we deal with this very difficult situation. To know that while I was governor, real good things happened to a lot of people and that helps sustain me during this difficult period...

"Both Patti and are grateful to our legal team and all their hard work.

"Now is the period where we have to wait, and express our appreciation to the men and women who are sitting on the jury who've taken time out of their busy schedules, out of their lives, to do their duty.

"They're now the ones who will decide, make the decision. Patti and I have great confidence and faith in their judgment, their common sense and their decency.

"And ultimately, in the final analysis, Patti and I always have a deep and abiding faith in God. And ultimately the decision will be with the jury, the men and women of the jury, and in God's hands."

He and Patti then left the courthouse, taking no questions.

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Tapes were Cherry picked! And, yes. Rod Blagojevich talks a lot!

Yes, our media tries to take people out to hang. They got Nixon. They didn't get Bill Clinton! And, the lobbyists still own us all.

I can only hope the jurors see through a case that had very little substance. While I know Libby went to jail because Dubya was a coward. That's all! As terrified of the media, as Obama just proved to be of Glen Beck.

We are in an amazing decline! Rod Blagojevich is not at fault!

What can you say about a knucklehead that brings his kids to court to hear his own lawyer call him stupid? But stupid is not against the law. But the tapes do show that he was trying to commit crimes by trying to barter the senate seat for a job for his wife! The only saving grace is that a jury of his peers that he has already called the stupid people of Illinois is going to have the final word for him!

Actually, I'm not suprised at all at how detached from reality he is....he had been proving that for past several years.....

Can you imagine what the state of Illinois will be like if he is found not guilty? Yes, he may have given free rides to seniors, but, again, at the cost of everyone else. He may have changed the name of Kid Care to All Kids, but it isn't and wasn't his creation. What people need to think about right now is this: Had he not been indicted, he he not been kicked out of office, how much would he have gotten for Obama's seat? How much money would he be responsible for when leaving office; i.e. the fact that he wanted "billionaires to dump money into a fund and he would be responsible for it". Please...come on now, he can't be responsible with his own money, let alone everyone else's money. It would have all been gone, and he would have a huge addition on his home, his kids would be in private school, and he would be sitting there with the mrs spending the money. Let's just put him in jail with Ryan, where he belongs. Won't be long till Quinn joins the two of them, and we can call them three blind mice, because they can't see anything they have done as wrong.

I can't believe how detached he is from reality. "Kid Care" existed before he was governor. He changed the name to "All Kids" and used the exact same forms, criteria and coverage that Kid Care had. He created nothing but an image the gullible accepted.

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