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Rod Blagojevich on tape: "Only 13 percent of you think I'm doing a good job, so f--- all of you."

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Onetime Deputy Governor Robert Greenlee is testifying about a taped phone call between himself and Rod Blagojevich from Election Day 2008 -- a recording in which the then-Governor again has some choice words.

This time though, they're about the people of the state.

Blagojevich calls Greenlee to vent about a conversation he had had with former deputy governor Doug Scofield.

Scofield had told Blago he didn't think it was a good idea for the governor to appoint himself to the Senate seat, and a paranoid-sounding Blagojevich is angsting about Scofield's "ulterior motives."

Greenlee, who is working at a polling place in the suburbs at the time, tries to talk Blago down.

Greenlee: "Look, I don't think he had a motivation, I think he's just giving you his opinion."
Blagojevich: "Oh, he's got some. There's some motivation... there's something ... it's a subconscious thing."

Blagojevich says Scofield, a lobbyist, may be worried he would lose clients if Blagojevich were to move out of state government.

The governor, clearly on edge this Election Day, unleashes his frustrations toward the Illinois public.

"Now is the time to put my f------children and my wife first for a change," Blagojevich is heard saying. "I f------ busted my a-- ... I gave your f------ baby health care... What do I get for that? Only 13 percent of you think I'm doing a good job, so f--- all of you."

In the courtroom, Rod is looking down, reading transcripts. Patti, sitting in the first row, appears to be working on a piece of hard candy.

One African American male juror is wearing a giant grin.

Judge Zagel has called a lunch break. Court will reconvene at 1:30.

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At least he could have said "F--- all 87% of you."

human -- the guy really thinks he tried to do somehing good for people with expanding health care access, and he's reviled. I know he doesn't get that he obliterated separation of powers (which is the reason I always felt he should be impeached); he just sees that he got healh care for someone's baby. I can't condemn him for feeling hurt; for other things, yes, but not for that.

Man - this guy kills me. Paranoid - corrupt - and vulgar. Now I see why he did those reality shows - it's perfect for him.

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