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Rod Blagojevich: "Maybe the biggest lesson I've learned is that I talk too much"

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After holing up in a conference room with his lawyers for over an hour, Rod Blagojevich finally spoke to the media early Tuesday afternoon. Here's what he said:

"From the very beginning -- when all of this happened and the government came into our home and took me away from our kids and then ultimately from the people of Illinois -- I said from the beginning i did nothing illegal," he said with Patti beside him.

"In the tapes that the government played, they proved, as i said all along, that I did nothing illegal. In fact, they proved that I sought the advice of my lawyers and my advisers, they proved that i was on the phone talking with them, brainstorming about ideas.

"Yes, they proved some of the ideas were stupid, but they also proved some of the ideas were good. Brainstorming and free speech is part of what the American experience is supposed to be.

And talking to your advisers as a governor and taking advice, especially from those who are lawyers, to make sure you do your duty the right way, is what i did and what those tapes prove," he said.

"The government also proved in their case ... I never took a corrupt dollar, I never took a corrupt dime, not a corrupt nickel, not a corrupt penny. And besides that, the government also proved that for the six years i was governor, Patti and i overpaid every year our federal taxes.

"I thought all along and believed all along that I was going to testify. The government told us their case was going to be something like four months. And as a result of what they said their case was going to be, we operated under the assumption that I was going to testify.

"There's no secret that there's a division between my layers, between father and son, Sam Adam Jr. and Sam Adam Sr.

"Sam Adam Jr. still, to this moment, wanted me to testify, and frankly so did I ... but ultimately I relied on the judgment ultimately and the advice of Sam Adam Sr. who is the coach of our team..."

"After 39 years of experience, when he sat in my living room until 11:30 Monday night, after talking about these issues right after the government rested their case... Sam Adam Sr.'s most compelling argument, and ultimately the one that swayed me, was that the government in their case proved my innocence, they proved I did nothing illegal and there was nothing further for us to add."

"He believed it was prudent to rest the case..."

"I've learned a lot of lessons from this whole experience and perhaps maybe the biggest lesson I've learned is that i talk too much. Thank you."

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