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Robert Blagojevich: We were offered $6M -- not $1.5M -- to appoint Jesse Jackson Jr.

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Robert Blagojevich just testified that Raghu Nayak, the man who authorities said was an emissary to Jesse Jackson Jr., said he would raise $1 million for Blagojevich by the end of 2008.

Nayak then told Robert Blagojevich that $5 million more would be raised for the then-governor once Jackson was appointed senator, according to Robert's testimony.

These figures differ from what the government has previously said. In the past, they've charged the Blagojevich brothers believed that $1.5 million was on the line for a Jackson appointment.

The Chicago Sun-Times first disclosed the dollar amount discrepancies last year.

On another, barely audible tape, Robert Blagojevich is heard talking to Babu Patel, an Indian fund-raiser, about the Senate appointment. It's a new call, one that hasn't been played previously for jurors.

"Money is not going to be a factor here," Robert is heard saying. He says he wants to "make that clear."

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You left out some important tidbits:

"Rod's going to do what's best for Illinois. Nothing else matters," Robert Blagojevich said on the recording.

He later adds: "Money is not going to be a factor. Money not going to be factor. Make that clear."

Blagojevich testified that he wanted to bridge any language barrier to tell Patel the idea being floated by Rajinder Bedi and Raghu Nayak was dead.

"It was not going to proceed past me," he told the jury.

Bedi got immunity I believe, but has Nayak been arrested? We know Jessie hasn't. And if not, why not? Bedi testified to some illegal check writing scheme with Nayak -- so is he in jail on that?

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