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Robert Blagojevich: I wish John McCain would have won

Reporting with Natasha Korecki and Dave McKinney

Robert Blagojevich testifies about a Nov. 1, 2008, phone call in which the governor pushes his fund-raising brother to see if he can line up a big contribution from Chicago businessman Blair Hull in exchange for a possible Senate seat appointment.

Blair Hull -- who had given nearly $500,000 to the governor's campaigns at this point -- had told Blago he was interested in the seat. Earlier in the trial, jurors heard Rod's response to Hull's request -- he calls him an "idiot."

On this portion of the tape, recorded three days before the 2008 presidential election, the governor asks his brother to try to get a $100,000 Hull contribution in the works.

Robert responds that he doesn't know Hull personally, and maybe it would be better for Lon Monk to make the ask.

"Lon just procrastinates, I don't know what the f--- he does," Rod Blagojevich says on tape. "But somebody should ask him for a hundred thousand."

Prosecutor Chris Niewoeher notes that this conversation took place before the election, and there was no guarantee Barack Obama was even going to win.

Niewoehner: "If John McCain would have won, your brother wouldn't have had an appointment to make, would he?"
Robert Blagojevich: "I wish that would have happened."

That prompted laughter in the courtroom. Robert Blagojevich -- incidentally, a lifelong Republican -- faces several charges of helping his brother try to personally benefit from appointing someone to that Senate seat.

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