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Robert Blagojevich attorney: Robert not at the table for key Senate seat discussions

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Robert Blagojevich was not present for key conversations in which Rod Blagojevich and his advisers discussed a replacement for Barack Obama's Senate seat, his attorneys have argued.

When former Deputy Gov. Bob Greenlee put together a list of qualifications for that Senate appointment, Robert was not consulted, Greenlee said. Nor was he consulted on research regarding an ambassadorship or Cabinet appointment that the then-governor wanted in exchange for the appointment.

And Robert was not there when the governor's inner circle was debriefed about a meeting with union leader Tom Balanoff in which Blago requested a Cabinet seat, defense attorney Cheryl Schroeder noted.

Schroeder: "Again, Robert Blagojevich was not a part of this conversation, correct?"
Greenlee: "That is correct."
Schroeder: "No one called him during the meeting, correct?"
Greenlee: "That is correct."

Robert is facing five charges, all related to the Senate seat appointment.

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