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Sam Adam Jr. on Rod Blagojevich: "I love that man"

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Sam Adam Jr., standing with his father and fellow attorney Shelly Sorosky, was next to address the media after Rod left the building.

"We believe in those 12 jurors that are in there right now," he told reporters. "We believe that they listened to the evidence, they've seen that the government has not proved their case, they've seen what I said in closing statements ... that the governor, whatever you want to say about him, he's not corrupt."

Adam Jr. thanked his team and talked about the challenges they've overcome in the past year -- the volume of papers they've had to go over, their requests for more time getting shot down, his own inexperience in federal courts.

He closed by saying his client -- and his All Kids program, presumably, which the ex-governor himself mentioned just minutes earlier -- was responsible for the health of his 1-year-old daughter, who was born weighing 1-1/2 pounds.

"I love that man," Adam Jr. said. "My wife, who is here, and I now have a beautiful 35-pound child because of him, and whatever you say, I will go to my grave being grateful to him."

Sam Adam Sr. then took the mic. He, too, praised their legal team and then turned to his son's birthday.

"Thirty-eight years ago this morning, my son's mother delivered my son and I was standing right there with her," Adam Sr. said. "Thirty-eight years later I couldn't be more proud of this boy. Here he is, taking the pressure of the world -- this case was published in Paris yesterday, I'm told -- taking the pressure of the world and defying a federal judge and saying, 'I will go to jail if necessary to protect my client.'"

"I couldn't possibly be more proud of this boy than I am. I love him and I love Rod, too."

Sam Adam Jr. stood behind his father as he spoke, wiping away tears.

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Even if you are very successful, $1.8 million dollars to pay for your child's medical expenses are a bit too much. Don't assume that he got a free ride- he contributed what he could. No matter how successful he may be, whether financially or in court, does not mean he can afford to pay almost $2 million dollars in medical expenses. The program doesn't discriminate between low income kids and well-to-do kids- and no matter how much money you think he is making, doesn't mean he could afford to pay that much. For the record, not all attorneys are making millions. Those like Sam Adam Jr aren't going after medical malpractice or injury lawsuits- they are in court day in and day out making sure citizens, whether they are celebrities or normal people to get represented properly. I know in this case the judge set the rate they can charge for the Blago case, and it was very low considering the magnitude of the case.

I know he makes more money than the average person, but he also represents many inner city resident that cannot afford high profile lawyers. Look at where his offices are located- not in a high rise downtown, but in the middle of a lower income residential neighborhood in a town home turned into office.

You know, Gerry Spence wears this leather jacket with fringes. And, Roy Black fell in love with one of the jurors when he was defending the Kennedy kid against rape charges. A case he won.

And, if I didn't serve as a juror, a long time ago (the mid 1980's), I wouldn't have been on a case where Leonard Arye was handling the plantiff. And, an insurance company was at the defense table.

There were only six of us. The case never went to us! It was settled beforehand. But watching Leonard Arye, who was a Manhattan master, led me to discover how rare it is for law school graduates to ever become successful trial attorneys. In other words? You're going to watch a master performer. On the order of Pavarotti. Sure. You cn argue "tenors." But it comes down to how the audiences, in droves, select someone who gains their respect and attention.

I had no idea why Rod Blagojevich chose his lawyer! But I couldn't stay away from this blog! (And, yes, I enjoyed reading The Governor very, very much, too.)

Has Sam Adams, Jr., made a star appearance, here? Yes. I believe so. Most people flop on stage. Can he convince 12 jurors? He did convince me! Just following what I was reading here. And, in particular, how the prosecution closed off one of their months; to end early.

And, that means that the Blago defense had to be ready for the stage in one heck of a hurry! I also picked up that Zagel was FOR the prosecutors. When the case started to be heard, a lawyer friend of mine said "it is not uncommon for a judge to try to make the defendant, and his attorneys, "LOOK LIKE LOONS."

Do they teach this stuff in law school? Do you have to attend law school to pass the bar? (Max Hardbarger, whose book SEIZED, I just finished, says no. Passed the CA Bar on his first try, too.)

Some people are just a heck of a lot smarter than others. They are our "outliers."

Sam Adams, Jr's baby was born weighing in at 1 and a half pounds.

Okay. I'm older. That used to be a death sentence. And, the bassinets, getting too much oxygen in them to support the tiny lives, often left the babies blind.

No one person is rich enough to get great medical services delivered to children, unless the State politicians, who oversee the hospitals, make sure that the latest equipment is there. And, the best doctors want to move into communities surrounding these hospitals!

It's the strangest thing when you look at various political maps. For instance, most of you might know that Ronald Reagan was a democrat. Who changed horses in the 1964 race. And, who was NOT respected by Barry Goldwater! Reagan was one of these politicians, like a salmon able to swim upstream, who beat the currents within his own party.

Before this trial began, I had known and loved Gerry Spence (who got Imelda Marcos free of a Federal prosecution.) Roy Black (who got the Kennedy kid off a rape charge.) And, a man named Leonard Arye. Whom I had the good fortune to see for myself. When I was chosen a juror back in the mid 1970's. In a Manhattan courtroom.

I didn't know Sam Adams, Jr., from a hole in the wall. And, since I don't own a TV, I didn't even know he was a superior Black guy who can deliver on the defense!

Within the law, very few lawyers actually become successful defense attorneys. It's a very rarefied atmosphere.

As to the government's case, where I have been following here with multiple visits, daily ... I finally saw a picture of Sam Adams, Jr. And, because I followed this blog ... I know what went on in the courtroom.

Soon, ahead, I will discover why the media dropped this story! (To guess? To please Obama we have all the 'journo-listas.' And, they must see the down side. Not yet apparent. Because they've gone so quiet! Even Drudge hardly mentions this case. It's like it's off to the side on the radar screen.)

Sure I hope these jurors can save Illinois from itself! If they have the courage. If they go on arguing for a long time ... Or more than a week? Zagel will shut their air conditioning down. Maybe, he'll order a thug to beat up the recalcitrant juror, just in case there is one.

But I've learned to hope. Eventually, that stinker Patrick Fitzgerald will meet his true reputation.

Sam Adams Jr. is a brilliant attorney that understands that there is virtually zero chances that 12 out of 12 jurors strictly abide by their promise to not see ANY media coverage throughout the whole trial. At least a few jurors will have some fleeting glimpses of media coverage or have such information relayed to them by families.

Sam Adams Jr. and his father are extraordinarily successful, and their family should reimburse the government if they did use the care. However, I think Sam is attempting to channel the sincere emotion that if he was poor, his child would still be in the same healthy condition now thanks to Blago's efforts.

I believe there is some sincerity to his statements, but like his statements that got objected to in closing, any good lawyer knows that a jury hears and considers things they are not supposed to. He knows at least 1 out of 12 of those people heard that statement. Our system is not that perfect, and a great lawyer (skill-wise...not morally) uses those imperfections to the benefit of their client.

Anyone curious about "how Rod Blagojevich" got the free bus passes for seniors. And, for children's health care extended through State LAW, should read his book. THE GOVERNOR.

As you know, "Blago talks." He talks a lot. And, he makes it very clear how he got his first opportunity. His father-in-law called him, after another candidate ran to a different "temple." With different rabbi. And, there was an election upcoming. For a State Legislative position. Rod KNOWS how to campaign! This is not easy! (Men like Ronald Reagan make it look easy! But it is very, very tough.) Daily, you must meet and greet people, old and new. And, you MUST dial for dollars. Since just as you car won't go without gas, campaigns go nowhere without FUNDS.

Blago had the misfortune of having a very crazy father-in-law. And, once it became obvious Rod knew how to campaign. And, kept winning elections, the Bizarro father-in-law tried to turn Rod into his puppet. (This is behind the scenes, what the fighting was all about!) To get to the sick children's benefits, Rod had to work around his powerful father-in-law. And, the other state legislative crazies: Lisa Madigan's dad, included.

IF the story of Obama's seat had come out, you'd have learned not only that Jarrett didn't get it. Because it was Rod's CONSTITUTIONAL choice to do the naming. Instead, there was a "deal" where Rod would have appointed Lisa Madigan. BUT ONLY if the State Legislature moved on a few items that would benefit the PEOPLE. Instead, Harry Reid stepped forward, and "worked" to seat Lisa Madigan, and wipe out Blagojevich.

Blagojevich appoints Roland Burris! Before he has to resign! And, the Harry Reid wheels began turning. Every democrap in the senate signed a note telling Rod that Burris would NOT be seated! So, for ten days, the senate doors were locked closed. And, Burris just stood outside, with his appointment letter, NOT being admitted!

And, on one of those days it rained. So, Blacks across America saw that the LONE BLACK SENATOR was not getting in. And, the democraps "relented."

That letter to Burris, signed by Harry Reid, should'a been worth a billion dollars.

Blagojevich should be freed. He did no more then the rest of the politicians do. He did not steal anything and the was great for the people of Illinois. My prayers are with him now that he is set free.

How can we follow-up on this amazing disclosure by Sam Adams, Jr. that he used taxpayer money intended for the poor to pay his child's medical bills. Of course we are glad that the child survived, and apparently thrived at 35 pounds and one year old, BUT how in the world did this well paid attorney qualify for those funds and who was left out because he got the money?

How do we check out how Sam Adams Junior was able to get taxpayer funds to pay for his child's medical bills? While we are glad that the child survived, and at 35 pounds at one year old evidently thrived, we cannot believe he legitimately qualifies for this low income assistance. Shouldn't this be investigated? Who wound up not getting money so that he could get money?

What kind of lawyer and what kind of father is so proud of his son for breaking any rule in order to win?

Sam Adam Jr. should be investigated for lying about his income, so that he can receive the State subsidized All Kids insurance. All Kids insurance is designed for low income families, not lawyers who represent R. Kelly and bill millions.

Maybe Blago gave Jr. the All Kids coverage for his kid as a down payment for possible future litigation!!!!!! Jr. is a good B.Ser like his client. The All Kids program in Illinois is an abused system that has no regulation.

Red Ranger -

"To claim that he is even eligible for All Kids (btw this assumes he could find a doctor to take All Kids as a form of payment, which is a very tough thing to do) and that the All Kids program allowed his child to obtain medical care is a complete joke."

All Kids literally means that All Kids can receive healthcare in Illinois regardless of income level. Those who have a higher income level pay premiums and those who have lower income levels may have lower to no premiums. A person making a $250K a year probably wouldn't be in the program, but I don't have stats to back that up. If you already knew that, I do apologize.

It doesn't make sense that someone of Mr. Adam's potential wealth would utilize the program given his ability to have better insurance, but it isn't impossible.

I know SAJr blows a lot of hot air..but the All Kids quote him "come one." I would venture to say that SAJr is a man of decent means. All Kids is reserved for those children just above the Medicaid poverty level but still find private insurance difficult to afford. To claim that he is even eligible for All Kids (btw this assumes he could find a doctor to take All Kids as a form of payment, which is a very tough thing to do) and that the All Kids program allowed his child to obtain medical care is a complete joke. Im sure the Adams family has private insurance coverage. All Kids and Blago had zero to do with helping SAJrs child and Im willing to put a lot of money on that

Thank you for your excellent coverage of this trial. I was checking your Blago Blog every 15 mins to see what was going on and thanks to your unbiased reporting felt that I was also in the court room.

Hoping you and your team get the recognition you deserve for a job well done!

Thank you for your excellent reporting of this monumental case. I have felt the excitement, passion, and anxiety of all the people involved as I read your accounts.

You - and Fox - are correct. It is six and six. I've fixed the error, thanks for pointing it out.

On FOX this afternoon they said the jury is now 6 women and 6 men. You said it is 7 women and 5 men. I am wondering which is it?

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