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Obama-Blagojevich agreement: I'll invite you to my Election Day rally ONLY if you don't show

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Deputy Gov. Robert Greenlee said that before Election Day, he worked out a deal with Barack Obama's campaign to invite Rod Blagojevich to his Election Day rally.

Greenlee said he "suggested" to Obama's people that Blagojevich wouldn't actually show.

That way, when the media asked, Blagojevich wouldn't have to say he was snubbed by the politician from his own state. But by not showing up, Obama wouldn't suffer the embarrassment of actually having the tarnished governor at his historic rally.

Then the plan changed. Blagojevich changed his mind, Greenlee said.

"That day, Election Day, Gov. Blagojevich decided he did want to attend the rally," Greenlee testified.

When they went to obtain credentials: "the Obama campaign raised red flags," Greenlee said.

Obama staffer Anita Dunn reached out to Blagojevich consultant Bill Knapp in an email entitled "WTF." Knapp, in turn, reached out to Greenlee.

Greenlee said the best he could do is suggest to Obama's people that
"I couldn't be sure he would show up."

Blagojevich did ultimately attend the historic rally.

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There'll plenty of invitations for "expensive empty suit" in the big house.

Who is Anita Dunn, anyway, Goodmongo? Is she still with Obama? Will she be called to testify?

agree, goodmongo. And I thought he did NOT go.

I'm give up. What does any of this have to do with the crimes charged? Or are they proving that even Anita Dunn used foul language?

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