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Judge Zagel to Sam Adam Jr.: This is beginning to look more like a show

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki, Dave McKinney and Abdon Pallasch

Sam Adam Jr.'s voice crescendos out of control at one point; no one in the overflow room can make out what he's saying as his voice clips through the speakers.

Turns out he's telling a story about a mule.

It's a long joke about an Italian woman who shot a mule that kept stumbling after giving it three chances. ("Thattsa one! thattsa two! thattsa three!" Adam yells.)

When the woman's husband tells her it was stupid to shoot the mule, she looks at him and warns him, "Thattsa one!"

Adam said that sums up the government.

There's laughter in the courtroom. One juror physically bends over laughing, holding her stomach, but quickly composes herself.

At the defense table, Rod appears amused looking on.

But Assistant U.S. Attorney Reid Schar isn't amused.
He finally shoots out of his seat to object. "This is inappropriate," he says.

"I think they're objecting because it's beginning to look more like a show," Judge Zagel responds, adding that that's "advice" and not a ruling.

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"The fix is in, Blago will swing." - Bill Cutting

How could the fix be in? ALL the jurers coerced or bribed?

The fix is in, Blago will swing. Obama is free ti finish destroying the USA.

We, the jury, find Rod Blagovich guilty in all counts.

We find that Rod Blagovich is not ******* golden

He committed the crimes as he did attempt extortion which, thankfully, did not result in his actually getting the cash in hand.

But the crime was the attempted extortion.

The law says that he is to be convicted of these crimes regardless of whether or not if he actually got the ******** cash in hand.

Jurors should not reveal any emotion. I once sat on a jury that included a woman who actually spoke out when she disagreed with a lawyer. Guffawing and commenting should be grounds for removal from a jury.

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