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IRS agent: Follow the money from Rezko to Blagojevich

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Next on the stand is someone we've seen before -- IRS agent and numbers cruncher Shari Shindler.

With charts and graphs, she's explaining a flow of money from Tony Rezko's Rezmar Corp. to Patti Blagojevich's firm, River Realty.

Prosecutors noted that nowhere on the Blagojevich family's tax returns -- which were publicly released while Rod was governor -- is there any indication that Rezko money went to Patti.

The Blagojeviches' income peaked in 2004 at $392,392. By 2008 -- the year we hear recordings of Blagojevich angsting about his cash flow -- it's down to $226,795.

Patti has left the room for this witness, as she always does when she's the subject of testimony.

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Like she can't find out what was said...Really, what a waste...That 3.5 million Rezko got as a "loan" from Nadmi Auchi is looking more like a withdrawl.

Rezko still shows on the Board for the Anglo Arab Organization...the only American on an outfit given to improving relations between Arab lands and the UK. Don't know if he gets any dough for this position, but it's worth looking at the flow of cash from all sorts of places.

She leave the room because she's guilty as hell!

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