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IRS Agent: Blagojevich spent $400,000 on clothes from '02-'08

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

IRS agent Shari Schindler is showing a breakdown of the Blagojevich family's expenditures between January 2002 and Dec. 9, 2008, the date Rod was arrested.

She has 10 categories of expenses, ranging from mortgages to travel to groceries to private school tuition for Blago's two daughters.

But the Blagojevich family spent the most on clothing -- more than $400,000 in that six-year period.

Most was for adult clothes, Schindler said.

Of the top 15 payees from 2002 to 2008, four were clothing-related, including more than $205,000 in spending at Tom James Clothing/Oxxford -- a custom clothing, custom suit maker.

It's the second biggest individual payee on the list, only below their mortgage company.

Saks Fifth Avenue, Geneva Custom Shirts and Neiman Marcus also make the top 15.

Jurors are seeing list after list of the Blagojevich's purchases: $744 on shoes at Neiman Marcus, $214 on ties at Saks, $575 for underwear and ties, also at Saks -- all on the same day, Sept. 12, 2008.

Many purchases of similar items are just days apart. Lists show thousands of dollars of spending on running shoes and ties.

In the courtroom, everyone now appears to be checking out Rod's tie -- it's light blue with a dark design.

It's not the first time he's worn it. Rod's repeated his ties -- a lot -- during the trial.

Judge James Zagel has called a lunch break -- court will start back up around 1:30.

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Patti was thinking ahead by getting her new cougar wardrobe once blago gets his new prison garb. Hope Patti can find a guy that is Rods size otherwise its off to the resale shop, what a waste of good suits.

Goodmongo nailed it.

And the Tribune headlines scream. Tomorrow the Tribune will report on the sinking of the USS Maine.

A story can't infer anything-it implies.

Greed and power...the spending habits attest to those as well.

Oxxford suits hand sewn in Chicago. Give him a break on this one...

The whole purpose in doing this is to create envy and anger toward the defendent. It's a typical ploy by the prosecution. Anything to show the jurors that the defendent is NOT like them in some way. While 400K on clothes is stupid to us it would be a drop in the bucket to Paris Hilton. As Einstein said, "Everything is relative". The real key here is that Blago must have reported all his income or else why no tax evasion charges? Then it comes down to if the additional income to Patti was legit or not.

JB, factor into the gross income a reduction of 31% (28 fed and 3% st) and you have 1.2m x 69% = 828K. Now you are seeing a ratio of about 48%. The ratio for clothes is even higher if you reduce income by RE tax, principal and interest, and private schooling. Does'nt Rod also own property in or around DC?

In a few weeks Rod's clothing will be given to him free, compliments of DOJ and Federal Bureau of Prisons.

You begrudge the guy because he bought clothes?

Had sad for you jb and anyonymous! You need to get lives, both of you!

$400k is certainly quite a bit to spend on clothes over a 6 year period. But the inference in the story is distorted because it leaves out other relevant facts. What was their income over that 6 years? I would guess approximately $1.2 million ($200k per year). So they spent 33% of their income on clothes. Probably a lot more than most, but being in the public eye, maybe they felt it was important and a priority. I don't.

The Emporer has new clothes!!!

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