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How did Blagojevich spend $400,000 on clothes? Here's how.

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

Rod Blagojevich spent more on high-end, tailored clothing, fancy ties, shoes and even underwear, than he did on anything else -- including his mortgage, child care and private school tuition.

That is all according to an IRS agent -- numbers guru Shari Schindler -- who was tasked with crunching the numbers from the Blagojevich family 2002-2008.

Here's just some examples of credit card purchases, according to the government.

Jan. 16, 06: $179 basket weave tie.
Jan. 17, 06: $195 another high-end tie.
Jan. 2006: Oxxford custom clothing: $7,781
May 25, 06: ties, $664 at Saks
May 26, 06: $2,973 on Geneva Custom Shirts
Nov.06: $406 Allen Edmonds shoes
Nov. 06: $600-plus on ties, Saks

Jan. 2007: $200-plus on ties
Geneva Custom shirts $1,977

Late January 08: $13,758 on Tom Jones/Oxxford clothing
Jan. 5: Saks ties $200
Feb 9: Saks ties $201
Feb 15: Saks ties $188
Nieman Marcus $594

Fall of 08: $219.99 ties
Hanro underwear $63
Sept. 08: Geneva Custom shirts $1,400-plus
Tom Jones/Oxxford $5,000

The expenditures go on and on...

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Did the prosecution open the door to questioning Robert Williams on who else Tony Rezko or Mahru had him cut checks under similar circumstances?

This is the magicians old 'slight of hand trick', they want everyone talking about his outrages spending habits so not to notice how they slipped Robert Williams in as a proxy for Tony Rezko...He was a very poor substitute, how could he possible testify about money transactions between Rezko and Patti? Because he cut the check? I don't think so...The defense argument was that she was a real estate consultant which is often done via telephone, internet, at home and out of the office...Now the prosecution has set into play over the 3 day weekend, Milorad's $200. neck ties to mull over...And the inept testimony from Williams will be totally over shadowed, I must say well played everyone fell for it...The last laugh will be played by Barack when he pardons Rezko and Milorad for keeping their mouths shut...THE ultimate quid pro quo.

Hey Patrick, who ever has the last laugh WINS.

All that money for clothes, yet he couldn't get a decent looking rug?

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