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Gerry Krozel: I lied to the FBI to get them out of my house

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

When federal investigators came to Gerry Krozel's house in the early morning hours of Dec. 9, 2008 -- the day the governor was arrested -- he was "terrified" and lied to get them to leave his house, the road building executive has testified.

Krozel's cross-examination - growing fiery at times - has focused largely on discrepancies between his statements to investigators and his testimony today.

Blago attorney Aaron Goldstein presses an increasingly flustered Krozel on his testimony that he felt pressured to contribute to Blagojevich in connection to the Tollway project, noting that he told the FBI in December 2008 that he did not feel pressured.

Goldstein: "Mr. Krozel, you never felt pressure from Rod Blagojevich, did you."
Krozel: "I sure did."
Goldstein: "You never felt pressured by Lon Monk, did you."
Krozel: "Yes! ... When someone will ask you continuously about money, you feel pressure."
Goldstein: "You felt pressure, but you never felt there was a connection." ...
Krozel: "It was obvious."
Goldstein: "Did he ever say it?"
Krozel: "He never said it but it was obvious. ... Why would he have ever talked about fund-raising? He would have told me how happy I should be about the Tollway program."

Goldstein asks Krozel if he feels "pressure" now.
"I don't feel relaxed," he says, prompting laughter. "But I'm telling my story now."

Goldstein: "You are telling your story, but it's a different story than you told on Dec 9, 2008 ... You lied."
Krozel: "Yes."
Goldstein: "You're saying you lied to the FBI?"
Krozel: "Yes!"

Krozel exclaims that he was concerned for his wife, who for eight years has suffered from an illness: "She cannot talk, she cannot write, she loses her balance ... and I wanted to get the FBI out of my house and I told them that. I just wanted to get the FBI out of my house."

This is unlikely to affect Krozel, as he is testifying with a promise of immunity. He is now off the stand.

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Marty any chance Edward Mazur is connected with this group?

Because of Blago I have to move away from my family to work during the week. He closed down the state facility that I worked at. I hope they send him away for 1000 yrs. I sure didnt feel sorry for him when he couldnt attend his daughters graduation

Some of us try to balance our lives while we sail a rough sea. From living in a family for more than 26 years who are directly involved in the Illinois & Federal corruption mess that includes murder, huge drug shipments and more life was more than a blancing act. Frankly I'm happy to be out of that mess but unfortunatly it hasn't let me go. But considering the more than 30 years of my life associated with this, having to "at that moment" rise to a point where you answer probing questions that can and will have serious consequences to your life, it's likely I would something similar but in a different way.

What many don't realize is that even though it was the FBI who apporached him, they also are entrapped in the corruption mess. Anyone asnwering with the truth in detail may in fact set themselves up to be assassinated by the Shadow Government system that protects the corruption system. This isn't a joke. It's real. Anyone who has connections with those in State and Local Governments who have to deal with corruption will tell you the same story that you have to be very careful. Personally I know about a number of murders all done on the QT where the victims death are known as an accident or act of God. Now think about that, they got away with murder and it's been going on for deacdes. So where is the law and your protection for telling the truth? You have to be careful at all times. Telling the truth needs to be done with care as it's a tedious path to follow.

As an example, my ex-brother-in-law Bruce Adreani and his father Ray Adreani joined the criminal system in the later 70's after committing their first murder of a Bank President. The murder was ruled an accident but I know from the family it was a Paid for in property Hit! They are working with CIA operatives and others who are involved in spying and setting up the victims to carrying out the murders. They have links with Hospitals, three which I was told in the mid 90's that they call Killing Machines. The system of assassination is so well tuned that they have names for many of the separate functions involved. I call the over all system Murder Incorporated since Corporations are involved as well.

And the Gov and his surrounding admin people are also involved. So when approached by the FB I knowing all of this, how is one to respond? None of this was ever a big secret... This suggests that people doing business maybe like Gerry Kozel, he might have heard stories explaining about how scary things could be for those who fight the system.

So how high does this problem go? In the earlier 90's Clyde O'Connor was discharged from the service who happens to be Bruce's wife's brother. There was a big party at my house including the O'Connor's and Clyde. While talking to Clyde about his Serive experience, Bruce walked up and starting talking about wanting to start up a new distribution business in Florida. Later Bruce went to a law firm in Chicago known for working with Shadow Government issues. Barack Obama was working as a lawyer then and assisted Bruce and Clyde with setting up their Drug Distribution business in Florida. Bruce told me a lot about Obama including that he wasn't a US Citizen and the criminal system had big hopes for Obama with rising up the Political ladder.

Bruce and Clyde's plane:
Mexico drug plane used for US 'rendition' flights: report Sep 4, 2008

As I mentioned above, Bruce and Ray had CIA links since the later 70's and it shows in the article. Don't forget to notice the bags of cocaine.

Now if I were to talk to a FBI agent how would I be expected to react? This is especially knowing from stories being told within the family about many who already were assassinated.

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL

What I find very disturbing is when a business man or owner is confronted with 'pay to play', he is suddenly a criminal...When he is damned either way, if he pays he's a criminal, if he doesn't he's put out of business and is forced to let his employees go, faced with rebuilding...He goes to the fed's and tells, he puts up 'out of business' signs and has to relocate...

As Vinny would most likely say, "I'm through with dis guy". What a bad witness. He admits lying to FBI to get them out of his house. Maybe he is lying to get immunity. Things were starting to go the prosecutions way but this has to be a setback. So far no REAL evidence that ties dollars to deeds. Just impressions, feelings etc.

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