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Former Friends of Blagojevich director: Rod Blagojevich called fund-raisers "Bulls----ers"

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Rod Blagojevich had a special name for fund-raisers he thought weren't pulling their weight, Kelly Glynn has testified: "Bulls----ers!"

That shout would ring out during a series of fund-raising meetings that Blagojevich attended in 2004, she says.

"We would be going through a list of people who had made commitments or who had not made commitments and (Blagojevich) would sort of yell out, 'What about Niranjan Shah? What about Lou Susman?'" Glynn testifies. "'What are they doing, what are they doing?'"

When he thought someone wasn't doing enough, "the governor would chime out, "bulls----er!" Glynn shouts from the stand.

Glynn's delivery on the "bullsh-----" is especially comical because she looks exceptionally put together and straight-laced, her straight blond hair parted down the middle.

She then snaps "bullsh-----!" into the mic, barely moving her face, not smiling. One female juror laughs out loud. Rod actually grows red in the face, laughing, as well.

Prosecutor Reid Schar probes Glynn on who Blago pegged as a "bulls----er" ... and Blair Hull cops it again: "He said he was a bulls----er, as well," Glynn said.

The finance director's testimony obviously contradicts what Blagojevich told FBI agents -- he said there was a "firewall" between fund-raising and government.

Defense attorney Sheldon Sorosky is now cross-examining. When Sorosky approached to begin his cross, Glynn says, "Hi Shelly," without introduction.

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