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Former deputy governor: Blagojevich sought my advice on Senate seat

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

In the weeks leading up to the 2008 presidential election, Rod Blagojevich talked to Bob Greenlee about his options in naming a replacement for Barack Obama's Senate seat.

Greenlee goes down what has by now become a familiar list: Blagojevich talked about horse-trading to get himself an ambassadorship or a Health and Human Services cabinet position, considered naming Attorney General Lisa Madigan in exchange for political leeway with her father, House Speaker Mike Madigan, and talked about appointing himself to the seat.

During those discussions, Greenlee put together a list of criteria that the governor could use to determine a successor for the seat - interest in health care, senior citizens, concern for the "average Illinoisan" - but that list was never used. There was also discussion of creating a candidate search team, but it never happened.

"We determined the names of people to be on a search team, but those people were never contacted," he testified.

One list that perhaps got more wear was one Greenlee compiled of potential ambassadorships for the governor. Jurors see a list of possibilities: Italy, France, etc., along with Greenlee's notes that he put together from Wikipedia at the governor's request.

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