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Former chief of staff: I was "increasingly alarmed about the level of aggressiveness" in governor's fund-raising

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Former Blago Chief of Staff and fund-raiser John Wyma testifies that he was "increasingly alarmed about the level of aggressiveness" of the governor's fund-raising in 2008.

"It made me uncomfortable," he testifies, adding that he "withdrew" from fund-raising activities.

Wyma had attended a meeting on Oct. 8, 2008, in which Blagojevich talked about "getting Magoon for 50" -- a reference to allegedly demanding $50,000 from Children's Memorial Hospital CEO Patrick Magoon in exchange for signing a bill that would increase that hospital's reimbursement rates from the state.

Magoon is expected to testify next, likely this afternoon.

Robert Blagojevich also takes a hit in Wyma's testimony about Children's Memorial -- jurors hear a tape of an Oct. 9 voicemail that Robert left for Wyma. Robert is asking Wyma what the plan is for following up with Magoon.

"I think they can do well by us," Robert Blagojevich said on the phone call.

Wyma then testified he was subpoenaed by federal investigators and under federal scrutiny. He then met with investigators and told them about allegations of shakedowns for contributions. They asked Wyma to wear a wire. Wyma said he refused.

"No, I did not feel I had a responsibility to go out and proactively record," Wyma said.

Wyma then said he attended an Oct. 22 fund-raising meeting with the former governor, Robert Blagojevich and Lon Monk. He said the government asked him to attend the meeting so as to not flag anything about the investigation.

Judge James Zagel has called a lunch break. We'll reconvene at 1:30.

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The different between a Hero and a coward is: What that hero dose at that critical moment, in caparison to what the coward fails to do at that critical moment! Rod is neither! When given the trust to make a positive change for the Illinois Taxpayers; instead opted to hold the taxpayer hostage so he could line the pockets of hisself, family, and inner circle who currently are testifying against him. An year later, a 2.2 million dollar defense team, and the Prosecution getting ready to rest their case, Rod attorney’s now feel the trial is moving along too quickly? What about Rod demanding the opportunity for a speedy trial so he could profess his innocents during his many documented interviews during his paid media tour; it did not appear Rods attorneys were concerned with the trial timeline at that time? Personally having first hand experience being belittle, made to feel insignificant, and victimized, by both Scumbag Rod, and King Rat Quinn Administration, I am tired of reading about Rod’s over paid defense team crying about appeals, trial timelines, and anything else they can think of to delay trial, and discredit the Prosecution case in an effort to avoid the inevitable truth! Which is the Prosecution case is true, Rod is guilty as sin, and he will be found guilty, and sentenced to prison! And since Rod is the perfect example of a criminal psychopath; he is incapable of telling the truth, or accepting accountability for his crimes. The defense can try and disillusion the jury by introducing other prominent political leaders as witnesses in order to leverage the threat of exposing other dirty little secrets in their clients favor, however none of those leaders are recorded on tape selling a senate seat, extorting money from children’s hospitals or private business, or on their last day signed off on disgraced and convicted member of his inner circle Tony Rezko’s clemency petition, or against the will of the taxpayer, and under indictment illegally appoint Burris to office. Everyday Rod remains a free man; is another day both the Illinois taxpayer, and legal system are made to look foolish, everyday Rod remains a free man, is another day some other political rat thinks he can do the same thing. I look forward to both the Prosecution and our legal system proving to these Political Gangsters wrong, and making it perfectly clear that the government is elected by the people, and for the people! Not for Rod and his inner circle financially benefit, or personal agenda.

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