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Finance director: Rod Blagojevich's fund-raising expectations "unrealistic."

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Former campaign finance director Danielle Stilz continues her testimony about fund-raising with Rod Blagojevich.

Stilz testifies that Blagojevich would ask her for details about fund-raising before and after events.

"He would ask me how much money we were supposed to raise, how much money before the event. When I arrived at the event, I would let him know (how much) we had collected," she said.

That again, files in the face with what prosecutors say Blagojevich told them in a 2005 interview: that he stayed away from specifics with campaign fund-raising.

Stilz said she was told not to pay out legal bills from Winston & Strawn. She was to direct those bills to Blagojevich friend Lon Monk.

"What were you directed to do with bills from Winston & Strawn?" Prosecutor Carrie Hamilton asked.
Stilz: "To hold off from paying them. Not to pay them."
"We were not paying those bills because we did not want to reflect a high legal bill on the D-2s."
D-2s are the publicly-filed papers where politicians report their finances.

Stilz said she left in 2007 because she thought Rod Blagojevich's campaign fund-raising expectations were "unrealistic."

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