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FBI agent: Rod Blagojevich told FBI he kept politics, fund-raising separate

Reporting with Natasha Korecki

The prosecution has called FBI supervising agent Patrick Murphy, who is interviewing about statements Rod Blagojevich made in an FBI interview in March 2005.

The FBI was investigating claims that Blagojevich was engaging in pay-to-play politics, linking campaign contributions to state jobs, contracts and board appointments, Murphy said.

As Murphy said this, Rod stared down at his notebook, not looking up at all.

During that 2005 interview, held in the offices of Winston & Strawn, Blagojevich said he maintained a separation between politics and fund-raising.

"He said he did not track who was contributing to him or how much they were contributing," Murphy said. "This was a decision he made when he became governor," he said Blagojevich told him.

But the ex-governor also equated politics with fund-raising in one key statement, Murphy testified: Blagojevich told him he put a firewall between politics and government. Murphy asked Blago what he meant by "politics" and Blago told him "fund-raising."

Murphy, who is lauded as the investigative architect of the case, is testifying to the false statement charges in the indictment. Blago is charged with lying to the FBI about material matters in the investigation.

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