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Defense: Patti's work for Rezmar was legitimate

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Defense attorney Michael Gillespie is questioning Winter on his knowledge of a business arrangement between Patti Blagojevich and convicted businessman Tony Rezko.

Gillespie: "You are not the person who negotiated the working agreement with Mrs. Blagojevich?"
Winter: "No."
Gillespie: "You have absolutely no idea about the underlying terms of that working agreement?"
Winter: "No."

Testimony last week stated that Patti pocketed a $12,000 retainer from Rezko's development company each month for doing virtually no work, and also received other checks and home repairs.

Patti could have been performing legitimate services for the company, Gillespie is arguing.

Winter is now off the stand. The government has called real estate agent Marianne Piazzi.

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The real question here is why doesn't the defense call Rezko to prove their client innocent? The state doesn't need to reaffirm Blog's guilt by calling Rezko because in my eyes if I were to try and prove my client to be innocent I would ask to hear the facts right from the cats mouth and on the stand.

The fed's released false information stating Tony Rezko was cooperating in order to lure future defendents into cooperating...Then they got a lot of false admiration for not bringing charges against Patti, people thinking they were sympathetic to her and their children...WHEN they can't indict her without direct testimony from Tony and now they are just wasting time on proxy testimony from people who couldnt possibly have direct information....With the testimony from Balanoff dirctly speaking to Barack in regard to the Senate seat the Judge should now allow the 2 hour Fitz/Obama meeting.

Where is Rezko? Why doesn't he testify?

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