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Defense: No express quid pro quo with hospital

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

In cross examination, defense lawyers try to show that no one expressly told CEO Patrick Magoon that state money for Children's Memorial Hospital would only flow if he made a campaign contribution Rod Blagojevich..

Magoon was also a member of an Illinois Hospital Association PAC, which in the past had donated $500,000 to Rod Blagojevich, he admitted under questioning by Sam Adam Jr

Adam asked if it was true that it was only after Magoon headed the PAC that Blagojevich asked Magoon to hold a fund-raiser for him for the first time.
"It gives a raise to the doctors, is that true?" Magoon agreed.

"Once Robert Blagojevich (called) did you at least contact the governor and ask if he really meant one for the other?" Adam asked.
Magoon: "No."

Magoon testified that the hospital did eventually get its rate increase -- the following January.

Magoon admitted in cross examination by Robert Blagojevich's lawyer Michael Ettinger that the governor's brother never brought up the potential state money for the hospital in his phone call.

"He didn't threaten you to do anything, did he sir?" Ettinger asked.

"No," said Magoon.

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This just makes me laugh. My husband is a hospital based physician (no, not at Children's)and his hospital employer "recommends", "suggests" that he contribute $260 a year to the Illinois Hospital Association's PAC. According to the other blog, Robert asked -- Would you be WILLING to raise ... I think "recommend" is even stronger. What if Robert had said, "I recommend, or I suggest, that you raise money for my brother?" Think I need to call the FBI?

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