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Defense: Gerry Krozel testimony doesn't match statements to investigators

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

In what is shaping up to be one of the more heated cross-examinations we've seen, Gerry Krozel is being grilled about his statements to federal investigators in 2008 and 2009.

Defense attorney Aaron Goldstein points out that nowhere in Krozel's grand jury statement did he say Rod Blagojevich told him the $6 billion Illinois Tollway project would be announced in January 2009.

Krozel: "When I left that office, I was under the impression it would be January of next year."
Goldstein: "You were under the impression, but Rod Blagojevich never told you."

Krozel, thinking back on his testimony, takes off his glasses, closes his eyes and puts his hand over his forehead.

Also missing from Krozel's interviews with investigators is his testimony that Blagojevich told him to keep plans for a $6 billion project a secret, Goldstein notes.

"This is the first time you told anyone that this was to be a secret," Goldstein said, referring to today's testimony. That got him an objection, and the judge sustained.

Krozel continues to seem put off by the questioning. He is having difficulty remembering.

"Would you please rephrase the question very slow," Krozel asks Goldstein at one point.

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He remembers, its just better for his deal that he doesn't I've seen things like this in trials before(reminds me of Bp on the hill or a trial i saw last year where a company didn't want to loose business from someone so they changed there testimony to I dont remember, hold him in contempt, he doesn't remember because if he does he wont get his deal or the govt assurances), if he's gonna pull this he should never have been able to testify. Even if Rod is guilty when people do this is really bothers me and I think they should be sent to jail for obstruction of justice the fact is when it is something this traumatic they remember or at the vary least the number of people that claim they don't remember don't match up with the number that would really forget(remember these are intelligent people, smart)

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