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Defense attorney takes a microscope to Rod Blagojevich statements

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Jurors are looking at a transcript of a Nov. 12, 2008, conversation between Rod Blagojevich and Bob Greenlee while defense attorney Aaron Goldstein dissects the ex-governor's statements, word for word.

On the tape, Blago is asking his deputy governor about a proposed reimbursement rate increase for Children's Memorial Hospital. Blago asks Greenlee a question about the rate change: "Has that gone out yet, or is that still on hold?"

Goldstein: "There's something after the word 'hold.' What is that squiggly thing?"
Greenlee: "That is a question mark."
Goldstein: "Do you know what a question mark is?"

Prosecutor Reid Schar has been objecting consistently. He does it again, stands up and stays standing. "I'm just going to keep standing," he says to another lawyer.

Later, Goldstein asks Greenlee to define the word "could."

"'Could,'" you understood to mean 'possibility,' correct?" Goldstein asks. "'We could pull it back' means there's a possibility this could be pulled back?"

"I'm getting kind of lost," Greenlee responds.

The parsing of words continues: defining "no" vs. "know."

Schar keeps shooting up to object. Judge Zagel puts a hand to his face: "Sustained."

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