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Defense attorney: Rod Blagojevich was working under advice of a highly qualified deputy

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

When Rod Blagojevich took the advice of his deputy governor, Bob Greenlee, he was taking the advice of a highly educated attorney, the defense is suggesting.

Attorney Aaron Goldstein is running through Greenlee's schooling and legal experience. The list is impressive -- bachelors from Yale University, law degree from University of Chicago, clerking experience for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

This perusal of Greenlee's resume comes right after Goldstein finished pointing out several instances on the tapes where Greenlee "lied" to the governor, giving him advice that, he testified, he didn't actually believe in -- such as trying to get the Chicago Tribune editorial board axed.

It's part of the defense's contention that Blagojevich took actions, including those actions that got him arrested, with the advice of counsel -- or at least a Yale-educated, University of Chicago Law School grad.
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Goldstein's attempts to hit home on the attorney counseling is blatantly obvious. He goes through a discussion about trading a Senate seat appointment for a Cabinet spot, and describes chief of staff John Harris as "attorney Harris," noting no one raised objections during the talk.

At that, prosecutor Reid Schar smiles and shakes his head.

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