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Daley pal Sean Conlon spars entertainingly with Blagojevich lawyer

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

Rod Blagojevich's bombastic lawyer Sam Adam Jr. spars entertainingly with businessman witness Sean Conlon, who is calmly making light of some of Adam's questions.

At one point, Adam showed Conlon the contract selling 1101 W. Lake, 4th floor from Tim Sullivan to Lake and Aberdeen LLC. and showed Tony Rezko listed as a cooperating officer and agent on the contract.

Conlon, born in England to Irish parents, responds with to Adam: "And do I own Lake and Aberdeen LLC?" Conlon asks earnestly.

"Don't you?" Adam asks.

Conlon: "Well I'm sure somebody can figure that one out."

That wins him a lot of laughs. He says he owns something like 150 LLCs.

Adam: "You're a big time businessman."
Conlon: "No I'm not"
Adam yells: "No, you're a big time businessman!"

Judge James Zagel stops Adam and reminded him about decorum with witnesses.

Later, Adam walked over to hand Conlon a piece of evidence.

Adam said to Conlon, sort of quietly: "I'll go back to the lectern,"

Conlon: "Good, because we'll have to get you a chair otherwise."

At one point, Adam asks Zagel to instruct the witness to answer only his questions.
Zagel won't do it, saying given the series of questions thrown at him, he was correct to answer the way he did.

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