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Blagojevich wanted D.C. lobbying job for Patti a la Tom Daschle

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

Jurors hear about Rod Blagojevich's Stanford-educated deputy governor's next assignment: look up job possibilities for Blagojevich's wife.

On a recording, Blagojevich wants to know how the wife of former U.S. Sen. Tom Daschle landed a lucrative lobbying post and whether Patti Blagojevich can do the same.

Then-Deputy Gov. Robert Greenlee does some research and reports back.

"Spouses can lobby members of Congress, but they are not allowed to lobby their spouses themselves," Greenlee testified he explained to his then-boss, Blagojevich in the November, 2008 conversation.

"You shouldn't lobby your spouse's office other than that you can lobby the rest," Greenlee told him.

"What about doing that for a few years?" Blagojevich asks him. "Patti and I can move out to D.C."

Greenlee said Blagojevich asked him to do this as he considered appointing himself to the U.S. Senate seat.

"He talked a fair amount about appointing himself to the Senate," Greenlee said.

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