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Blagojevich trial: Sam Adam Jr. quietly prepares for closing argument

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki, Dave McKinney and Abdon Pallasch

Over the break, Sam Adam Jr. hopped around the defense table, conferring with different lawyers on his team.

But as he waits for the judge to enter the courtroom, he sits quietly apart from his team, perhaps getting his game face on. He is dressed in a three-piece navy suit with a light blue tie.

The packed courtroom is buzzing with conversation as we wait. We're about half an hour into this "10-minute" recess.

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The comment by Zagel that the closing was looking like a "show" is outrageous. If you look at his biography, he is and has always been nothing but an appointed tool of the state and feds. He has apparently has little comprehension of due process rights of private citizens who are persecuted by the federal government. Throughout the trial, he has attempted to provoke defense counsel and has consistently and, I assert as a litigator, improperly sustained repeated objections made by the children who supposedly represent us at the feds table. Most recently, he chastised Sam Adam, Jr, for suggesting that he would mention that the feds did not call any of the main alleged participants in the conspiracy. In my opinion, he was confused. The feds do not have any right to refer to the failure of Blago to testify, since he has Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights, but defense counsel can argue that the failure to call those who would have allegedly incriminated Blago creates an inference that they would not have supported the "storyline" of the overzealous immature US attorneys. This trial reminds me of the Julius Hoffman/Chicago Seven fiasco.

Great coverage. Keep it up!!

Prediction: Adams hits a homerun! he has already connected with the jury and the media loves the show.

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