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Blagojevich trial: Prosecutors come at Robert Blagojevich with a curve ball

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

After Robert Blagojevich came off with a fairly pristine image in his direct questioning -- military service, volunteerism, a business built from the ground up -- prosecutor Chris Niewoehner came at Robert with a curve ball -- two allegations that haven't been discussed.

Niewoehner is trying to show Robert wasn't serious when he told jurors earlier today that he never mixed fund-raising with state action or traded action to benefit his brother.

The prosecutor did that by referring to two conversations: a Nov. 5, 2008 recording where Robert Blagojevich suggested to his brother that he ask Obama to quash his federal investigation; and to another discussion in December 2008 that Robert hit up former state Rep. Kurt Granberg for money at the same time he was up for a post to head the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

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Prosecutors only put on as much evidence as is required to secure a conviction. No more. And don't worry. Blago is going to be convicted so fast you can't believe.

And the other evidence? Keep in mind that one of the centers of this investigation (apart from the Mayor) is Obama. He carried the 2003 Health Facilities Planning Board legislation which allowed Rezko to keep control of the board, and he got kickbacks for doing so. It is all on tape, it is all documented, and Rezko has already given evidence of it in his plea deal.

So why no Obama indictment yet? Because when you are contemplating indicting a sitting President, you need a smoking gun the size of Big Bertha. Look how long it took to get Nixon--two years.

But they'll get this little kickback pimp Obama. He's complete scum, a complete dog.

Not sure I support the theory that Fitz made the arrest because he was going to be replaced. He made the arrest the 1st week of December. Obama was going to be president till late January. Fitz wasn't going to be replaced till then. As proof all other replacements happened in february or later.

So I still think it was stopped because there was some evidence to support that someone from Obama's camp was going to make a deal.

That does not explain the lack of some very serious witnesses and points of prosecution from Fitz, such as John Thomas,Rezko,Mahru,Frawley etc etc. How many million pages of documents did they turn over in discovery? The case the prosecution put on does not fit the case we know they had, period.

A curveball? How about a beanball! Way out of the strike zone that usually gets the pitcher ejected...funny thing was, he still hit it out of the park...

my point is Fitzgerald was going to be replaced Blago didn't need to ask. If he hadn't arrested Blago when he did Fitzgerald certainly would have been out a job. I can't think of a new president who hasn't replaced the US attorney in my lifetime.(in the chicago area, but it has to do with all US attorneys-new leadership in the justice department)

honestly I think if they hadn't arrested rod when they did we would have a new us attorney. I think the arrest was made(before any action was taken) for more then one reason, one of which was meant to be assured that he(Fitzgerald) would stay as us attorney, when generally new presidents replace the US attorneys brought in by the previous party(lets not forget its an appointed position). There is no doubt in my mind fitz made the decision for personal reasons(there were definitely other reasons also but he did consider himself personally also-I dont presume to know what he was thinking but common sense seems to suggest it would). Based off the timing he forced his new boss Barrack to hold on to him(which isn't really done when a new president comes in) thru the arrest because if he didn't the republican party and many other people would hammer him for seemingly making a move to protect himself and rod. Without the arrest at that time and instead in april when they planned he could have asked for the resignation and the pressure may have been lighted, no asking required.

WHy does the prosecution think it's o.k. to threaten a loved one or family member with prosecution in trade for a plea and cooperation but pay to play is illegal...that's the pot calling the kettle black.

Just a thought, with no answer in this bit of the story. Did Robert know of Curt's impending last minute promotion? Hasn't Curt been a regular contributor and big fan of Rod's -- all the way back to their joint years of House service, starting in 1993? Isn't Rod's old democrat legislator buddies the first place you would go to solicit a conribution? If Robert mentioned quashing the investigation, doesn't it imply, a least to me, that Rod has something on Obama? Or was this just the exchange for Jarett? And what was the date that it became known that (Wyma) Blago was taped, since Robert had thought the earlier investigation was over?

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