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Blagojevich trial: Media crowd awaits Rod Blagojevich, lawyers in courthouse lobby

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The press pit in the lobby of the Dirksen Federal Building is packed to the gills as reporters wait for Rod Blagojevich and his team of lawyers to exit the building. We've been told they plan to talk.

Word is the team is now hunkered down in a conference room upstairs, possibly strategizing about what to say to the media. It's hard to get definite word, though -- court personnel has banned everyone from the courtroom area.

In the meantime, court security officers have had to bring out ropes to hold back the restless crowd of reporters and cameramen. It's the first time that's happened this entire trial. A mic stand is nearly toppling over with microphones.

"Still waiting," the officers are telling us. "We'll let you know as soon as we hear anything." It's been more than half an hour.

Earlier, Judge Zagel and attorneys handled some housekeeping and said court would reconvene at 1:30.

At noon, there's still no sighting. But the crowd is holding its ground -- no one wants to miss this.

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It was John Wyma...he tipped off Rahm Emanuel as well but the fed's already know, they just don't care.

While the media is waiting for Blago they should be interviewing John Chase (CHICAGO TRIBUNE)about who leaked the wiretap information to him, and he should be asked the real story of John Thomas(FBI Mole)and the Chicago Tribune. Then the Media would be reporting on the real story here. The rest is a diversion.

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