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Blagojevich trial: Five jury alternates -- one man, four women -- to be sent home today, judge says

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Five jury alternates -- one man and four women -- will be sent home today. That leaves a jury of six women and six men; three are African-American and one is Asian-American.

These jurors, the last five picked during jury selection, are alternates and will not deliberate the case. It's what we thought to be the case all along, but the judge has just confirmed it in court.

"The alternates are the last five selected," Zagel said, adding that in the future he may consider "a more random selection procedure."

That means the following people will be sent home: a white, male mechanical engineer; a white, female legal secretary; a white, female hospital secretary; a young white woman who works in direct mail marketing; and a female, African-American nursing home social worker.

They will sit through jury instructions and then will be dismissed. They will still be instructed not to discuss or read news about the trial, in case they are called in to replace another juror, Zagel said.

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