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Reporting with Natasha Korecki and Dave McKinney

As the courtroom waits for the jury to be seated, Rod is sitting at the defense table, occasionally laughing and once waving to a courtroom artist. He's fiddling with a pen, while talking to attorney Shelly Sorosky.

Rod is in a navy suit, Patti is wearing a summer dress and has a pair of dark circles under her eyes. She's sitting next to her sister, Deb Mell.

The judge and jury have entered.

Sorosky announces that the defense rests, making it official that Rod Blagojevich will not testify.

After much anticipation, the scene was not a dramatic one. Judge James Zagel asked if Robert Blagojevich had any other evidence to offer. He didn't.

In those seconds, Rod Blagojevich sat at the defense table, looking down. He neatly organized pens in front of his notebook.

Zagel then gestured to Sorosky, who stood up and announced it: "At this time, the defendant Rod Blagojevich would rest."

The jurors all looked at the defendant's table.

One jurors' eyes widened hearing the news. Others, for the most part, remained without expression.

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