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Blagojevich trial: Day 23 and recap

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It's Rod Blagojevich's right to have a speedy trial, but his lawyers suddenly want to hit the brakes.

The defense team ended the day Monday saying they needed at least a week delay in the trial because the prosecution plans to rest this week, the sixth of the trial.
Judge James Zagel has said the trial could last up to 17 weeks.

The defense said its witnesses were told to be ready in August, based on the prosecution's schedule. Things went rapidly for the prosecution, in part because the defense questioning has been relatively brief. Prosecutors also are not calling baggage-heavy witnesses like Stuart Levine and Tony Rezko, who would have likely eaten up much time.

Up today:

1. FBI Agent Daniel Cain will take the stand and testify that Blagojevich had a more than $1.2 million legal bill in early 2008, months before prosecutors say he went on a corruption "crime spree."
2. John Wyma, former Congressional chief of staff to Blagojevich, longtime friend, state lobbyist and the man who served as the probable cause for the recordings in the case, is the next major witness.

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4 a.m. posting time? I'm impressed.

Your headline reads; Inside the Rod Blagojevich investigation and related cases.

Is this a related case? Click on Sestak . . .

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