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Blagojevich trial: Day 21 and recap

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Prosecutors elicit a conversation that alleges U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. was present at a meeting where campaign contributions were discussed in exchange for a Senate seat appointment. Rajinder Bedi, onetime state worker, described the Oct. 28, 2008 meeting with Jackson and fund-raiser Raghu Nayak.

Up today: Bedi undergoes questioning by defense lawyers today.
Onetime Deputy Governor Robert Greenlee is expected to be the next witness.

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Ok I admit it I just don't get it. Beti and the other Indian guy hatch a plot. They will raise money for Blago if he appoints Jesse Jr. Jesse Jr. is at the lunch and agrees. Blago and his brother say no F'in way that was going to happen. The two Indians request other meetings and THEY bring up the deal again. At that meeting Robert says no. Then in a tape Blago says he would do it to spite Reid/Obama. To me it sounds like Jesse Jr. and the Indians were trying to bribe the gov. Yet they get immunity or are not charged. Maybe like Blago says the feds didn't do it cause that would make the blacks angry. Oh BTW this is supposed to be the heart of the feds case. this is where Fitz just had to step in and arrest Blago. Sounds like Jesse and the Indians should be on trial.

They still may based on the testimony in Blago's trial.

When informants working for the fed's go rogue, the fed's look the other way...ask Frawley.

So how do the Feds skip charging Jackson?

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