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Blagojevich trial: Day 18 and recap

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Wednesday recap
Prosecutors continue to zip through Rod Blagojevich's trial at an amazing pace.
On Wednesday, they play recordings of the former governor calling Barack Obama's ascent to the presidency a "bad thing." Former campaign communications chief Doug Scofield testified that Blagojevich had "a level of jealousy and anger" regarding Obama's 2008 win. But "I'm better off with this guy winning" than Republican John McCain, he says. Blagojevich goes on to say he needs to try to take this "bad thing" and make it into something good. Prosecutors contend that meant trying to sell Obama's Senate seat for Blagojevich's gain. Scofield also talks of relaying a message from Blagojevich to an Obama intermediary that was "ridiculous, even by our standards."

Good for Blagojevich:
Even though he says he's just placating the then-governor, Scofield acknowledges that he encourages Blagojevich's musings about the Senate seat, never flagged Blagojevich's actions and never was charged for taking part in the same discussions.

Up today:
1. Prosecution's redirect examination of Scofield.
2. Judge likely to address three defense filings seeking a mistrial.

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I was fasinated by Blagojevich on Celebrity Appretice. He was beloved by his teammates and I found him darling and delightful, but let's face it, he was campaigning and testifying the whole show. I thought he was slick and playing his cards smartly. I was thrown off guard when he fell on the sword instead of throwing Bret Michaels under the bus. Who is this guy?

I would have to agree with Goodmongo.

God help us all if he walks.

I've read ever single posted article here and I have to admit that so far the government hasn't made their case. And it seems the judge is a little biases for the prosecution as far as questions and evidence being allowed. Now maybe that was the reporters leaning but I doubt it. Seems no one ever once said that the discussions were wrong or improper and when pushed the witnesses all claimed they were placating Blago. So far not guilty but it might change.

I am amazed that one to date (that I can recall) has not asked the question as to why Blago was not in Springfield doing his job but at home jogging, etc.

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