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Blagojevich jurors gone for the day

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Jurors in Rod Blagojevich's trial have left for the day. They will return Monday for their fourth day of deliberation.

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I hope the jury isn't out too long.

I hope the jury isn't out too long.
Natasha deserves a vacation for all of her hard work.

I'm betting 16-18 of 24 counts.

The Air Force would welcome him at their former facilities at ZIP Code 55814.

The jury may be wondering about the people that WERE NOT CALLED TO TESTIFY AT THE TRIAL, such as Tony Rezko, and many others.
Any honest observer would certainly smell a rat in such unexplained behavior It certainly would have made the government case much stronger with specifics and overt acts rather than wiretaps of discussions which may or may not have been ever acted on.
Interestingly enough, however, Barack Obama announced on a CBS News Interview with Harry Smith on the Early Show, Friday Morning, that he is "troubled by the allegations," against Rep. Charles Rangel, and that Rangel should "retire with dignity," because he is 80 years old.
WHAT A CROCK OF YOU KNOW WHAT. The parallel between the Blago case and the Rangel situation could be simply called, legally, and otherwise, "SELECTIVE AND VINDICTIVE PROSECUTIONS."
You pick on someone who you want to dispose of and then use laws or regulations, that you don't apply to any one else, EVEN THOSE WHO VIOLATED THE So-called laws, in much bigger and more blatant ways. For example, why hasn't OBAMA demanded Tim Geithner's head for tax violations much greater than what Rangel is accused of now.
Now, Maxine Waters, another Hillary Clinton supporter is under attack from NERO OBAMA.
I suggest Obama step down as President and re-enroll at Harvard or Occidental College or the University of Chicago and take some refresher courses on the US Constitution. the handwriting is on the wall and B.O.'s days are numbered.

djs, are you being facetious? She is not in the jury room. How can she tell us more than she has told? Thank you, Natasha, for keeping us informed on information you are able to acquire. I will keep looking for your reporting.

The coverage is still great!

While I do have one question. Wasn't one person on the jury an engineer? Could it be this person was named foreman? Could it be that might be the reason for the heavy paperwork request?

It is Friday.

And to think your coverage was so good up until now.

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