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Blagojevich judge to defense: you're wasting time

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

Perhaps the possibility that Rod Blagojevich's defense could take the case as early as Wednesday is a bit daunting.

Could it be we're in full-fledged delay mode?

Blagojevich's former Deputy Gov. Robert Greenlee is being questioned about his words on tape, right down to the punctuation.

In front of jurors, Judge James Zagel told Blagojevich attorney Aaron Goldstein to move it along.

"It's repetitive...there's a rule against that," Zagel told him.

Goldstein then asked Greenlee a series of questions about what he knew regarding Blagojevich appointing Lisa Madigan to the Senate seat in exchange for an expansive legislative package getting through the grid-locked Legislature.

Again and again, Greenlee said he didn't know about specifics with that deal moving in early December. He said he didn't know that Rahm Emanuel offered to be an intermediary for Blagojevich if the deal were to move forward.

At the break, Goldstein explains to Zagel that he is trying to impeach Greenlee because he initially said he didn't know anything about the Madigan deal being a real thing that late in the game.

"You have a witness who doesn't know much," Zagel said flatly. "It's just become a waste of time. If you think you can get something out of this witness, call him in your case."

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