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Blagojevich: If Lisa Madigan and Jesse Jr. were drowning, "I'd save Jesse."

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

The exceptionally long recording of Dec. 4, 2008 continues with Rod Blagojevich explaining to Deputy Gov. Robert Greenlee and his pollster Fred Yang that Jesse Jackson Jr. and Lisa Madigan were "equally repugnant" to him personally.

"If they were both drowning and I could only save one, I really think I'd save Jesse," Blagojevich is heard saying on tape. "From a personal standpoint, he's less repugnant to me than she is."

Later in the conversation, Greenlee suggested that Blagojevich just appease the Washington establishment and appoint Veteran Affairs Director Tammy Duckworth.

"Get the f--- out of here, Greenlee," Blagojevich said. "I'll f----ing fire you."

Greenlee recovers, saying he's just screwing around.

Prosecutor Reid Schar asks: "Were you just f-ing around?"
Greenlee: "No."

"I saw that he got worked up as he often did when I disagreed," Greenlee said.

"Did he just threaten to fire you, sir?" Schar asked.

"He did just threaten to fire me, yes."

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An absolute egomaniac on an out of control power trip. His type never know when the game is over, even when they are behind bars. Some kind of mental or cultural defect. Though he is a foul mouthed bumbling insecure little "Croat immigrant son"---his words, not mine.
I tend to think he is Gypsy in a finely tailored suit. He's bad, but Jesse Jackson Jr is the real crook here so far---he and his are the ones naming prices. Fitz you've done a horrid job of going after the real crooks in this city and state. Daley and Jackson, Madigan and Madigan.

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