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Blagojevich dropped big $$$ on ties, suit as he says he needs kid's college money

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In November 2008, Rod Blagojevich was plotting for a new job with his advisers, loudly complaining he was desperate for cash.
"Amy is going to college in six years, and we can't afford it," Blagojevich screamed on the Nov. 10 call. "I feel like I'm f------ my children."
The Blagojevich household spent more on fine clothing than on their mortgage, childcare, travel or private schools in the years that Blagojevich served as governor, according to trial testimony.
According to credit card records presented Thursday in Blagojevich's federal corruption trial, the spree was just a drop in the bucket of the more than $400,000 the Northwest Side Democrat spent on fine clothing, ties, footwear and even underwear in his tenure as governor.

Read today's story: Blagojevich's $400,000 shopping spree

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You guys must be really really stupid. Take a look at the pdf showing Blago's tax return for 2008. You can actually see his and his wife's SS No. Unbelievable.....

Why doesn't everyone just leave him alone.

Good point, John. He could have lived mortgage-free for eight years and sent his kids to cheaper schools, I'm sure in Springfield.

So is that the motive? He was supposedly doing all of this so he can buy pricey suits?

I am told half the suits were returned to Tom james

thats not unusual you can use campaign money to pay for clothes which u can use for your kids college. im sure when john edwards was running for president he spent ,more in six months then what he spent in four years. as a politician you dont have to pay for anything rod should have lived in the mansion and had all his codt covered like they normally are and save it all for like six years

He had a house on our dime too in Springfield that he chose not to use.

If convicted, it will be odd it was money spent remodeling a home in Chicago he could have sold for big bucks, that will contribute to his conviction.

As for the suits, guess Illinois Politicans will have to show their labels now for budget clothes... probably non-union made somewhere in Asia.

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