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Blagojevich aide: If you appoint Jesse Jackson Jr. I'll quit

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

Former Deputy Gov. Robert Greenlee is explaining a lengthy recording from Dec. 4, 2008 where Rod Blagojevich discusses possibly appointing Jesse Jackson Jr.

Rod Blagojevich: "Yeah, I wanted Lucio (Guerrero, press person) to give that to Fred, Rasmussen poll came out ...Jesse Jr. how about that, Great minds think alike."

Blagojevich said: "I was leaning in that direction ..." before seeing the results of the poll.

"I indicate if he appoints Jesse Jackson Jr., I will quit," Greenlee testifies.

Blagojevich responds that it's fine if he quits.

Prosecutor Reid Schar asked if it was a big deal for Greenlee to say something like that. "Yeah, it was the first time I suggested anything of that nature."

Greenlee explained that he understood that Jackson had gone around Blagojevich's wishes on more than one occasion.

"How can you tell him you'll give him the biggest prize in the world ..." after Jackson promised political support int he past but reneged, Greenlee said he asked.

That's when Blagojevich clarifies on the recording that he has a promise from Jackson supporters.

Blagojevich: "There's tangible, concrete, tangible stuff from supporters." ...
Well, you know, you know what I'm talking about ...Tangible, you know, specific amounts and everything, Fred."

Greenlee explains from the stand: "I understood that to be campaign contributions political in nature."

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And therein lies all the difference between Marilyn Katz's offer (tape #149, Obama's first alleged emissary)-- she offered fundraising help, allegedly, from her national contacts if he would appoint Jarrett, but didn' give an amount. You just gotta love it!

Is this the "smoking gun" everyone has been waiting for?

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