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Witness: I met Blagojevich -- and Barack Obama -- at a Rezko fund-raiser

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One of Rod Blagojevich's defense lawyers just took great pains to make sure witness Joseph Aramanda explained who else was at Tony Rezko's mansion the day he met Rod Blagojevich.

The other person: Barack Obama.

Aramanda said it was a fund-raiser for both Obama and Blagojevich.

The defense is trying to draw links here. They're trying to show that Aramanda was bamboozled by Tony Rezko -- just like Blagojevich and, they will argue, just like Obama.

Obama and Rezko were friends when Obama was an aspiring U.S. Senator. Rezko did some fund-raising for Obama and bought property next door to the Obama's Hyde Park home.

Defense lawyer Michael Gillespie said Rezko used Aramanda to funnel kickbacks.

"He made no mention he was using you as a front man to get his money," Gillespie asked.

Aramanda had testified that Rezko arranged for Aramanda to get "business loans"
through Rezko's friends. Rezko then tapped Aramanda to use portions of those "loans" to repay Rezko's debt.

Rezko also directed Aramanda to make payments on his behalf, he testified. Aramanda testified that Rezko gave him a list of names and told him the amounts he was to wire to various Rezko associates.

Not included in that list: Rod Blagojevich.

"He never gave you a wire transfer for an account in Aruba and said, this is the governor's, send it to him," Gillespie asked.
"No," Aramanda responded.

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Natasha has the prosecutions witness list been released?

Do they mean 'bamboozled by Tony' or 'cohorts with Tony'???

Have they ever asked this guy Aramanda why he still has a government job? Also, it seems to me everything so far is that Rezko got all the money with only a promise of some kind to give Blago his cut in the future. Won't the feds have to call Rezko at some point to back that up? If not how was Blago actually making money here?

Wasn't this the party that Nadmi Auchi attneded? Was Aiham Alsammarae there too?

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