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Tony Rezko: Too risky for the stand?

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Former political fund-raiser Tony Rezko's name will likely be invoked numerous times in Rod Blagojevich's trial -- but chances are, jurors won't ever see his face.

Sources with knowledge of the government's case say prosecutors are worried that Rezko is too risky to put on the stand.

According to the sources, prosecutors fear Rezko brings with him much baggage of his own, could create a distraction, and worry that he'll "go off the reservation" if he testifies.

Rezko was convicted on his own corruption charges in 2008. Earlier that year, he accused prosecutors -- the same trio gearing up to try the Blagojevich case -- of pressuring him to lie about Blagojevich and then-Sen. Barack Obama.

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The Sun-Times has previously written stories about Rezko getting moved out of the MCC after he began his cooperation with federal authorities in the summer of 2008.
Some of what Rezko has said is contained in the government's criminal complaint (there's a link to it on the blog, under categories, or search for it.) Also, some of his allegations were made public by accident in a defense filing. See:
and related blog postings.

Where is Tony Rezko? Still at Clark and Van Buren, under the care of MCC? Has he been moved elsewhere? Rezko said publically, I believe, that he was being pressured for incriminating data on "other" people including Obama! What of that?? Did he offer any further evidence or leads that honest law enforcement and prosecutors should be duty bound to pursue????
There has been such scant news reporting on this, it causes one to wonder!
Any one out there have any answers? Or at least clues?
I think the citizens want to know and deserve to know. Don't you??

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