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Scofield: I lied to placate Blagojevich

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

Lobbyist and consultant Doug Scofield admits under defense questioning that he's either lying or placating Rod Blagojevich as he goes over various transcripts of conversations.

"I think there were several instances where I was just placating," said Scofield, a government witness. "If I placated him it wouldn't make it any likelier he'd be a cabinet member."

Defense lawyer Aaron Goldstein repeatedly asked Scofield if he was lying at various portions of transcripts where he appears to be encouraging Blagojevich's desires for a cabinet position.

Scofield at one point in a call with Blagojevich said Valerie Jarrett was not an obvious, top pick for Senate by the union Scofield represented.

"She would not be the type of person to be at the top of the list for a Senate seat," Scofield admits he said of Jarrett at the same time his union client sought her appointment.

In that call, Scofield is heard saying that he's just agreeing with Blagojevich's musings in the call -- even when Scofield says on a recording that in exchange for Jarrett's appointment: "they could step up, step up to the plate."

Goldstein: "This is a little more than agreement, would you agree? ...'But they could step up, step up to the plate?' That's just agreement?"

Scofield is cut off from answering.

Scofield then admits he planted a false item in Michael Sneed's Sun-Times column on Blagojevich's behalf.

The item falsely suggested Jesse Jackson Jr. was a possible Senate pick.

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Bessie you are right on target, and what is really disturbing is that the media knows this for a fact.
However, this may very well be "to big to conceal"

They are both hoping for us to forget about a lot of people like, Rezko, Levine, Mahru, Alsammarae, Auchi, Frawley on and on...they cherry picked these charges to avoid implicating the Preident, his staff and apparently others for reasons we may never know...we need a prosecutor who can't be compromised or intimidated because Fitzgerald is guilty of both.

Don't forget about John (Bernard Barton) Thomas the FBI mole! Both the prosecution and the defense are hoping you do.

Now that Balanoff has testified that he has spoken to Barack Obama directly about the Senate seat, is this enough for the defense to acquire the famous Fitz/Obama 2 hour meeting???

A witness given to placating...wonder who he's placating now?

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