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Sam Adam Jr. takes the floor - big time

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Ettinger has concluded and Sam Adam Jr. has taken the podium.

And as expected, he's off to quite the start.

The younger Adam, known for his bombastic style, started off at almost a whisper.

"I know when you hear the government's opening you got a feeling," he said to the jury. "I know you get it in your gut, you know it.

"But by the end of this case, I'm telling you, that man there is as honest as the day is long," he said, his voice rising. "And you will know it where? In your gut!"

Like the government, Adam is focusing on the Blagojevich's finances -- but to a very different end.

"He's broke! He's broke!" Adam yelled. "And do you know why he's broke, ladies and gentlemen? It's not hard. He didn't take a dime!"

Adam is animated, to say the least. He is whispering and yelling, putting his hands over his stomach, putting them into and out his pockets, pointing at the jurors, Rod, the prosecutors. He's covering much ground, walking up to the witness stand, back to the defense table.

"This is the federal government," he said. "The same people chasing Bin Laden are chasing him!"

Rod is not writing anymore. He is sitting with his hands folded.

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Opening statements are underway in Rod Blagojevich's trial in Chicago, but there will be no further tweets from @GovernorRod until at least the end of the day: the judge has ordered him not to tweet in court. "I do not... Read More

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Patti got some of the cash. So did the campaign fund!
Rod is a slithering snake.

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