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Rod Blagojevich snaps at Patti on recording: "You're just wasting f-ing time!"

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

Jurors hear an irate Rod Blagojevich snap at his wife on a secretly recorded phone call.

"You're just wasting f------ time!" he yells at Patti Blagojevich as she tries looking up salary information regarding his latest idea to benefit from the U.S. Senate seat appointment.

The two had discussed the pros and cons of Change to Win -- an organization supported by organized labor. Rod Blagojevich planned to ask for a high-ranking position there in exchange for appointing Barack Obama friend Valerie Jarrett to the Senate seat.

Patti Blagojevich is Googling salary information and tells him she can't find any salaries on their Web site. Rod Blagojevich tells her not to worry about salaries "we'll negotiate that."

He goes on to say that he'll ask for a four-year contract for $1 million a year "or whatever...$750...something good."

She keeps looking and that's when he snaps.

"You're just wasting f------ time. We're making it up. We're saying this is what I want...this is the deal."

The then-Illinois governor gets really ticked at his wife and tells her she's "talking weird."

By the call's end he admits: "I gotta stop swearing."

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Interesting point Ice, I alway's thought it was Milorad positioning himself in a power play against his father-in-law...telling him I don't need you any more.

Soon Rod, you will have nothing but time to primp for your dates behind bars. You are just a low life, conniving, self serving individual. Everything about Rod, for Rod.

Makes one wonder if Mell and the gov had a falling out about the garbage dump clean up, and Blago wanting cash under the table or he would shut it down.

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