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Rod Blagojevich on Obama win: "I'm better off with this guy than McCain"

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The prosecution started the day by playing the rest of the "f-ing golden" conversation between Rod Blagojevich and his onetime deputy governor, Doug Scofield.

It's the day after Election Day 2008, and Blago's jealousy over Obama winning the presidency is ringing through loud and clear on the tape.

"There's nothing I could have done about Obama," Blago is heard saying. Scofield explains from the stand that the governor was saying there was nothing he could have done to prevented Obama's success.

Blagojevich is heard saying he needs to try to take this "bad thing" and make it into something good.

"Look, I'm better off with this guy than McCain," he is heard saying. "With my upward mobility it doesn't look so good ... but it's a funny business."

From the stand, Scofield said he and Blagojevich had had "many conversations like this," and that Blago had "a level of jealousy and anger" regarding Obama's win.

Scofield began describing a conference call held later that day to plan a press conference about the Senate seat appointment. On that call, Blago and his advisers discussed floating health care as a priority in choosing a Senate successor -- that way, Scofield said from the stand, Blago could inevitably point to his own health care record and appoint himself.

Judge James Zagel then called a recess to deal with sound issues in the overflow courtroom. Technicians are working, but the proceedings remain inaudible.

Upstairs, on the 25th floor, the courtroom is packed.

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