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Rod Blagojevich: Cheryle Jackson is "f-ing incompetent," Jesse Jackson Jr. is an "uber-African American"

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Discussion of the Senate seat appointment continues in the next tape.

On the possibility of former staffer and former U.S. Sen. candidate Cheryle Jackson getting appointed, Rod goes berserk.

"She's so f------ incompetent and a f------ liar," he says. "There's no f------ way"... She bounced a check, forget about it. Don't put her in there."

Cheryle Jackson had bounced a campaign contribution check.

Rod returns to talk of appointing Jesse Jackson Jr., whom he refers to as "uber-African American."

At that, an African American juror laughs quietly and has to put a hand over her mouth to suppress laughter. A juror beside her flashes a knowing smile. It's a rare show of expression from the usually poker-faced jurors.

Judge Zagel has called a 15-minute break.

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