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Rod Blagojevich on foundation jobs: "Salvation Army... have to wear a uniform, forget that."

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Just minutes into the day, and prosecutors have already played jurors two more tapes.

The first is another Nov. 5, 2008 conversation between Rod Blagojevich and his former chief of staff, John Harris, who is beginning his third day on the stand.

With ideas already floating about for an ambassadorship or a cabinet position, Rod on the tape is wondering about a job with a foundation.

Harris asks if he's looking for a position like Elizabeth Dole's, who headed the Red Cross.

"That's exactly right," Rod is heard saying.

In the second, Blagojevich has two top staffers -- then-Deputy Gov. Bob Greenlee and John Harris -- on a conference call, ticking off the names of charities so he can pick one and ask Obama's camp for help landing a top position in one.

Only Blago's not familiar with the charity groups, so his staff has to do research on them.

Rod:"United Way. What is the United Way?" ...
Rod: "What does it pay?"
Bob Greenlee: "It's very good pay, in the 2-3s (hundreds of thousands)."
Rod:"Oh, that's all?"


Rod: "Salvation Army. That would be huge. Have to wear a uniform, forget that."

Laughter in the courtroom over the last comment, including from Rod and Patti.

Meanwhile, there's a technical issue in the courthouse overflow room -- no sound at all. A group of reporters are waiting for a IT worker to show up; about a dozen members of the public who showed up to listen to the proceedings have taken off.

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