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Rod Blagojevich: My lawyers tried to play a tape that would exonerate me, but the government objected

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Today in court, the defense asked to introduce a new recording in which Blago was heard talking about appointing Attorney General Lisa Madigan to Barack Obama's U.S. Senate seat.

The government objected, and the tape was played for the judge's consideration with the jury out of the room. Zagel eventually ruled that the tape may not be played until Blagojevich himself takes the stand.

Before leaving the courthouse Tuesday, Rod Blagojevich stopped in the courthouse lobby to speak to the press.

"For the past six days" -- he may have meant 16, which is the number of days the trial has been going -- "the government has played tapes that they've chosen to play, and as I've said all along for the past year and a half, those tapes show that i have not committed any crimes," he said.

"When my lawyers attempted to play a tape that will begin the process of actually exonerating me, the government objected," he said. "But thank goodness, the judge saved me and made it clear that when I testify, which I will -- and I can't wait to testify, to set the record straight and clarify some of these conversations, and tell the people of Illinois exactly what was on my mind and what i was trying to do and what I ultimately attempted to do ... he'll allow those tapes to be played."

He left without taking questions.

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