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"Robert followed the rules," attorney says

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Robert did his brother a favor by agreeing to help run the Friends of Blagojevich campaign fund, Ettinger said. But he did it legally, he said.

"Robert followed the rules," Ettinger said. "Let me promise you, the evidence will show. Robert followed the rules."

Ettinger set the stage for the jury to hear numerous phone calls from Robert saying that when Robert was asked to call someone, he would call them three or four times because he's "persistent."

But that doesn't mean he shook anyone down, he said.

Ettinger told the jury about the confusing back-and-forth between the brothers when it came to Rod appointing a replacement for Obama's senate seat.

"In the last 10 days, Rod has changed his mind eight times!" Ettinger recalled.

Rod and his group, sitting at a separate table, chuckled at this comment.

Ettinger is getting worked up - his face is getting red at times and he is bumping the mic as he argues.

He hit the mic loudly at one point, causing a loud noise - "Sorry in the other room," he said to the people sitting in the overflow courtroom.

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